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Snorkeling is Riskier Than You Think

Brian Laverentz, DO, PGY-I
February 28, 2023

High rates of snorkel related drowning in Hawaii

Utah Ski Patroller Fatal Ejection from Chairlift

Chelsea McAuslan, MS-III
January 31, 2023

A ski patroller was fatally ejected from a chair lift

Trends in SOS Incidents from Satellite Communication Devices

Jeff Thurman, MD, FACEP, FAEMS, FAWM
December 7, 2022

Increasingly, outdoor recreationalist have turned to carrying satellite communication devices

Importance of Trail Safety Education for All Fitness Levels

Gabriela Ryan, MA, DO Candidate
December 7, 2022

Recent trail runner disappearances and deaths

What’s Lurking Under the Water: A Cautionary Tale of a Brain-eating Amoeba

Sheri Li, MD, PGY-I
December 7, 2022

N. fowleri is an amoeba that is known to live in warm, fresh waters

Flash Flooding Devastates the US Southwest

Lindsay Davis, DO, MPH PGY-II
August 30, 2022

Lightning Kills NOLS Backpacker While Inside His Tent

Lainey Yu, DO, MS, FAWM
August 13, 2022

Recent Floods in Eastern Kentucky

Rachel Chauvin, OMS-III
July 29, 2022

A torrential downpour and the resulting 1000-year flood...

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