This semi-regular column is designed to be a creative outlet for readers to display the humanistic side of living, working, and caring for others in wild environments. Contributors are encouraged to submit original poetry, short-form essays, poignant photographs with captions, unique artwork and other creative pieces that represent their experiences in wilderness medicine.

Column Editor: Marc Cassone DO, FAWM


Finding God in Search and Rescue

Jayden Dyck, MD, CCFP
May 31, 2024

I have been seeing my spirituality displayed in the work that SAR does

Tangaroa Ara Rau - Kauora

Terina Raureti, Ph.D.Ngahuia Mita, Ph.D.
January 22, 2024

The many pathways of Tangaroa – Swimming

When Wilderness Medicine Comes to You

Tlalli Moya-Smith, MD
January 10, 2023

Going for a hike without even looking for wilderness medicine, can sometimes result in a new wilderness medicine story of your own

The Bowsprit

Mark Caplin (PA-C)
November 30, 2022

Photo and quote from a 5th grade participant of The Pegasus Project

A Difficult Departure

Kaen Lapides, Paramedic
July 27, 2022

Daily life of a busy ski mountain paramedic

Haiku from the Field

Bradley Freid, MD
June 2, 2022

Based on Experiences from BreckWild Wilderness Medicine Elective 2022