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The Bowsprit: Photo and Quote

“We are from the wind crying in our ears as the Pegasus carried us across the vast blue waters of the San Francisco bay, to the floating sensation of sitting high on the bowsprit, a throne towering over the water, seeing nothing but the blue-green ocean beneath our feet, dangling out over the sea.”

Written by Talia, Oxford Elementary
5th grader, after a day out on S/V Pegasus
Berkeley, California

The Pegasus Project has taken thousands of kids into San Francisco Bay for marine environment education aboard their sailboat, Pegasus. The Pegasus Project is funded by foundation grants, in-kind contributions, and private donations. Pegasus Project's mission is to enable youth to become productive members of a sustainable society through positive outdoor environmental education and by reinforcing life skills.

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The Bowsprit

Mark Caplin (PA-C) 11/30/2022

Photo and quote from a 5th grade participant of The Pegasus Project