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Roll unroll again,
again, again. Still won’t fit.
Why self-inflate, not self-pack

Please do not pretend
the groover ain’t so groovy,
it’s a shit bucket

Not Crystal Creek or
Clear or Aquafina Creek
it is Muddy Creek

A flat patch of sand,
Tyvek sheet mat sleeping bag
our home anyplace

Hemorrhage, trauma
no, but blisters and sunburn
medicine outside

People you don’t know
become everyone you know
and then they’re gone

Easily accessed
or stunningly uncrowded,
we chose the latter

Dispatches is a new semi-regular column designed to be a creative outlet for readers to display the humanistic side of living, working, and caring for others in wild environments. We are encouraging members to submit original poetry, short-form essays, poignant photographs with captions, and unique artwork that represents their experiences in wilderness medicine. Creators can send potential submissions to [email protected].

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