Continuing Education

Education is one of the core pillars of the WMS, and there is no shortage of opportunities to enhance your wilderness medicine knowledge. Find lectures on a variety of topics from past conferences, or if you're a member, access a number of past and upcoming webinars at no cost. Members can also receive free CME or FAWM credits by reading the WEM journal or listening to the Wilderness Medicine Podcast. Click below to learn more. 

Dr. Harry Grammer speaking at podium

Recorded Lectures

Since 2009, the WMS has recorded most of the lectures that have been delivered at our conferences. Particularly useful for members advancing their FAWM status or needing last-minute CME credit, these lectures represent cutting-edge information in the field of wilderness medicine and serve as an evolving body of knowledge across a very wide range of subjects. Online lectures can be viewed an unlimited number of times. WMS Members are able to claim FAWM and/or CME Credits from the My Educational Products tab on their profile for viewing these lectures.


One of the many benefits of WMS membership is the variety of virtual gatherings that members can attend at no cost. These webinars offer a platform to discuss cutting-edge research in wilderness medicine, explore opportunities for professional growth within the WMS community, and engage in enriching discussions on relevant topics. Whether it's strategizing about research, discovering new avenues for involvement with the WMS, knocking out an extra credit towards your FAWM, or discussing a great read with peers, we invite you to join us for an upcoming webinar.

Journal & Podcast Credits

We offer a diverse range of continuing education options for our members, including opportunities to earn CME/FAWM credits. Members can obtain credits by engaging with the Wilderness & Environmental Medicine journal articles and tuning in to Wilderness Medicine Podcast episodes. Stay updated and enhance your knowledge in wilderness medicine while earning valuable credits towards your professional development.