WMS conferences are one of the best ways to dive into wilderness medicine. Through expert lectures, hands-on workshops, small group sessions, and social events, you'll leave feeling equipped, connected, and inspired. 

2023 Summer Conference
The Davenport Grand, Spokane, WA
July 16 - 20, 2023


2024 Winter Conference 
Whistler Conference Centre, Whistler, BC, Canada
March 10 - 13, 2024


2024 Summer World Congress of Mountain & Wilderness Medicine 
Snowbird Resort, Snowbird, UT
July 28 - August 1, 2024


WMS conferences offer a variety of pre-conferences. Below is the future pre-conference schedule. 


Conference Dates

Host Hotel/

Meeting Location 

 Diploma in Mountain  
Medicine (DiMM) 

Wilderness Life Support
for Medical Professionals
(WLS:MP - formerly AWLS)  

Diploma is Diving
and Marine Medicine  

Other specialty
(TECC, Global Health, etc.)  



 Winter 2024 March 10-13 

Whistler Hilton,

Whistler Conference Centre, Whistler, BC, Canada

 x  x   TECC  S. Spano  A. Ganti 
 Summer 2024 July 28 - August 1  Snowbird Resort, Snowbird, UT   x  x      M. Derstine  I. Algaze-Gonzalez
 Winter 2025      x  x   OPEN  A. Ganti   
 Summer 2025      x  x  x   I. Algaze-Gonzalez   


Interested in submitting a proposal for a lecture at a future conference?

Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC)
For participants on Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) Electives, Adventure CME, Diploma in Mountain Medicine, Diploma in Diving and Marine Medicine programs.

Wilderness Medical Society programs and experiences occur in both traditional classrooms and in remote, dynamic wilderness environments over days to weeks. Living and learning in these environments is challenging and is physically, cognitively, and emotionally demanding. Participants will be exposed to potentially unfamiliar environments and must be fully engaged in self-care and responsibility while committing to the needs and goals of both the group and the program. The Wilderness Medical Society strives to foster an inclusive environment where each program member has an opportunity to contribute and feel respected.

The following outlines the minimum requirements for participation. A qualified person is one who meets the EEC for participation in the program activity. If you have specific questions, please contact the program organizer to explore these criteria in more detail.
Accommodations Needed
The WMS is committed to treating all persons with dignity, respect, and fairness. We support and comply with the ADA. In this regard, the WMS will make every reasonable effort to reduce anticipated barriers for attendance and provide an optimal experience for every attendee. We have established speaker guidelines encouraging more inclusive presentations and have closed captioning available for virtual presentations. If there is additional support that you might need, please reach out by phone (512) 215-4305 or email [email protected].