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The Wilderness Medicine Podcast is the official podcast of the Wilderness Medical Society and offers an insightful and engaging audio series dedicated to exploring medical practices, techniques, and knowledge applicable to remote and austere environments. Hosted by experienced wilderness medicine practitioners, this podcast offers a blend of expert interviews, case studies, and practical tips aimed at healthcare professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone interested in emergency medicine beyond the confines of traditional healthcare settings.

Each episode delves into various aspects of wilderness medicine, covering topics such as improvised medical treatments, environmental emergencies, wilderness first aid, survival skills, and expedition medicine. Listeners can expect to learn about managing injuries and illnesses in challenging terrain, understanding the physiological effects of extreme environments, and preparing for medical emergencies in remote locations. The Wilderness Medicine Podcast not only equips listeners with valuable knowledge for outdoor adventures but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the intersection of medicine, nature, and human resilience. Regardless of your background,  this podcast offers practical insights and captivating stories that will enhance your understanding of medicine in the great outdoors.

Your host is Darryl Macias, MD, FACEP, FAWM, DiMM. Between climbing, skiing, and diving trips, Darryl is an emergency physician at the University of New Mexico. He currently serves as the wilderness, austere, and international emergency medicine fellowship director at the UNM. He is the medical director for the UNM Diploma of Mountain Medicine, and a section editor for WEM. 

CME credit is available for WMS members for listening to the journal club portion of the podcast. 

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