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Stay current with new and noteworthy cutting-edge topics in wilderness medicine and adventure through the Wilderness Medicine Podcast, the official podcast of the Wilderness Medical Society.Dr. Darryl Macias on a mountain You won’t want to miss our engaging approach to discussing current articles from WEM and highlighting adventures, programs, and other research related to this exciting field.

Your host is Darryl Macias, MD, FACEP, FAWM, DiMM. Between climbing, skiing, and diving trips, Darryl is an emergency physician at the University of New Mexico. He currently serves as the wilderness, austere, and international emergency medicine fellowship director at the UNM. He is the medical director for the UNM Diploma of Mountain Medicine, and a section editor for WEM. 

CME credit is available for WMS members for listening to the journal club portion of the podcast. 

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#27: Fentanyl, Sharks, and Ultradoc Russ Reinbolt 

September 2022
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Darryl and lead author Tierra Lynch discuss the journal club article Intranasal Fentanyl for On-the-hill Analgesia by Ski Patrol; Darryl interviews Dr. Claude Maillaud about the current WEM article, Tiger Shark Attack on a Scuba Diver in New Caledonia; and we wrap up with a motivational interview with ER doc and 5-time Badwater 135 finisher Dr. Russ Reinbolt, interviewed by UNM fellow Dr. Nicholas Weiss.

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#26: VTE and Telemedicine

June 2022
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Journal Club: Author Tom DeLoughery discusses his review article Travel-Associated Venous Thromboembolism and gives listeners some evidence-based, low-risk prophylactic measures to pack with them on their next flight. Discussion topic: Chris Davis, author of The Intersection of Telemedicine and Wilderness Care: Past, Present, and Future, discusses tech's place in the wilderness.

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#25: Anaphylaxis and Everest

March 2022
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Journal Club: Authors Flavio G. Gaudio and David E. Johnson discuss the new Wilderness Medical Society Clinical Practice Guidelines on Anaphylaxis. Discussion topics: Darryl brings Ken Zafren onto the podcast to discuss the utility of “space blankets” in the wilderness medicine setting. See the article by Zafren et al, Prehospital Use of Ultrathin Reflective Foils, published in the March 2022 issue of WEM; Darryl gives an update on the Khumbu Climbing Center and introduces us to the Full Circle Everest Expedition, the first Black climbing team attempting to summit Everest. 

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