Trail Mix

This column discusses topics such as the role of nutrition in outdoor activities and endurance events for participants and race medical and staff advisors, as well as medical and scientific aspects of particular foods and hydration as nutrition in enhancing performance (including occasional recipes). Submissions are encouraged.

Fueling for Ultramarathons

Doreen Jarman
May 21, 2024

A personal journey of trial and error

Altitude and iron – will a supplement help me?

Heather Fullerton, MD
September 27, 2022

You’re planning a backpacking trip to the mountains – great!

Trail Mix: Fad Diets

Mary Ryan, MS, RD, CEDRD, LD
June 6, 2016

Examining how to work popular diets into your travel...

Trail Mix: Foods to Keep You Warm on the Trail

Stacie Wing-Gaia PhD, RD, CSSD
November 29, 2015

How well we do in the cold is greatly influenced by our nutrition status...

Trail Mix: DIY Meals in a Bag

Mary Ryan, MS, RDN, CEDRD, LD
January 28, 2015

Even the most seasoned backcountry adventurers welcome a "meal-in-a-bag" or "Just Add Water" option...

Trail Mix: Fuel for the Wilderness Athlete

Jennie Harris
January 10, 2015

Why is nutrition so important when exercising frequently or heading into the wilderness?

Trail Mix: Fuel for Kids in the Wild

Katie Wewer, MS, RD, RDN
September 17, 2014

Food and proper fueling can make or break any adventure...

Trail Mix: Nutrition for Adventurers

John Kallas Ph.D.
April 4, 2014

Enjoy foraging food from wild plants...

Trail Mix: Nutrition for Adventurers

Mary Ryan, MS, RD, CD
December 4, 2013

Nutrition for Air and Extended Travel

Trail Mix: Backcountry Sprouting

Katie Wewer, MS, RD, CD
August 20, 2013

Taking your garden on the trail

DIY: Dehydrate It Yourself

Katie Wewer, MS, RD, CD
January 2, 2013

Trail mix: Nutrition for adventurers

Pemmican: Backpackers Greasy Friend?

Wayne Askew, PhD
January 3, 2012

Backpackers greasy friend