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WMS Adventure CME Events

As a valuable benefit to our members, the WMS is excited to offer a variety of Adventure CME trips. These week-long trips range from exotic tropical locals to beautiful desert canyons to magnificent canoeing.

From hiking deep in the canyons of Utah to canoeing in the beautiful Adirondacks, these trips offer a unique combination of exciting adventure with an invaluable, in-the-field learning experience:

Grand Canyon Motor Adventure
July 20 - 27, 2015 - FULL

A Motor Adventure trip is a wonderful way to experience the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in an 8‐day rafting journey. Arizona Raft Adventures and Grand Canyon Discovery take a lot of pride in producing what we believe is the best motor trip available in the Grand Canyon at any price.

Adirondacks Canoe Wilderness Medicine
September 25 - October 2, 2015

Paddle a chain of lakes connected by a short portage and a unique, hand-operated lock. Climb a local alpine peak for a 360 degree view of the largest wilderness area in the East. Become skilled at canoeing, northeast three-season camping, and general survival skills. 

Costa Rica: Wilderness-Based Tropical & Marine Medicine Program
November 2 - 11, 2015

Learn wilderness medicine, with a focus on tropical and marine medicine, while experiencing the magnificent natural history diversity and adventures of Costa Rica – Pura Vida!

Mars Desert Research Station Wilderness Medicine
In Partnership with the Mars Society

November 7 - 15, 2015 - FULL
April 23 - May 1, 2016

Learn wilderness medicine, space flight, and medical issues unique to astronauts while living in the Mars habitat in Utah. Nothing speaks to the essence of "wilderness" more than another planet. Mars represents the most remote and austere environment that humans have ever contemplated exploring.

2nd Annual Medicine & Science in Ultra-Endurance Sports
June 23 - 24, 2015
Olympic Valley, California                        

Please join us for this unique and exciting conference immediately preceding the Western States Endurance Run.  Whether you’re an exercise scientist, clinician who cares for endurance athletes, race director, coach or endurance athlete, you will find sessions of interest. 

We have an impressive group of speakers joining us – most have been key in the development of new knowledge on these topics, and many have considerable practical experience in providing medical care to ultra-endurance athletes.  This conference is certain to provide for an exhilarating educational experience…and in a beautiful setting that can’t be beat!


32nd Annual Meeting of the Wilderness Medical Society
July 10 - 15, 2015
Breckenridge, Colorado                                    

Join us in Breckenridge, Colorado for this year's WMS Wilderness Medicine Scientific Conference & Annual Meeting. This premier summer event in wilderness medicine will offer the newest advances in wilderness medical care and research.

Whether you are new to the Wilderness Medical Society or well on your way to completing your fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM), Breckenridge has something for you—along with world class hiking, mountain-biking and outdoor activities in a classic summer mountain setting. On July 10th and 11th, we present a pre-conference dedicated to Global Health. In this two-day pre-conference, you will be exposed to experts in the rapidly expanding and evolving world of Global Health. Other pre-conference offerings will include an Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) certification course, a wilderness first aid (WFA) certification course, and we will continue with our Diploma in Mountain Medicine (DiMM) program

Take the time this summer to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. Sharpen your skills and advance your knowledge. Find inspiration among your peers and amidst the mountains, and remind yourself just how important it is to combine your profession with your passion. We look forward to seeing you this summer!


WMS Dive Medicine Conference
November 4 - 7, 2015
Cancun, Mexico            

If you have an interest in recreational diving and the marine environment – or if you want to begin to cultivate that interest – you will want to attend this program. It features the high quality of education that you have come to expect at all WMS meetings and in addition, there is ample time to enjoy the ocean wilderness and the area around Cancun. On each of the days of the CME program, dives are scheduled. The learning environment moves from the classroom to the boat deck where you will interact with faculty and be attending informal, on-board discussions. In the classroom, you will learn science, medicine and clinical applications and then be awed by the incredible beauty of this spectacular area.

Because the oceans comprise our greatest wilderness, it is logical that dive medicine is an integral part of wilderness medicine. Simply put, without water, there would not be life on this planet. Keeping people healthy means keeping the oceans and all other natural sources of water healthy.

The mountains underneath the ocean are larger than the ones above the surface. One cannot be a nature lover and single out any one environment for favored treatment, because everything is connected. Underwater, there is an unmatched combination of power, beauty, compassion and creativity, all natural and without a trace of human intervention.

Have you ever noticed that our colleagues at wilderness medicine meetings – physicians, nurses, paramedics, and others – are among the most accomplished yet easy going, kind, ego-in-check members of our professions? Part of the reason for this is that wilderness medicine is anchored by teamwork that integrates rugged individuality with an integrative approach to health and medicine. Importantly, wilderness medicine fosters an experience that is as exciting as it is informative. The ocean and dive boat are the perfect setting for marine medicine, and so let us take you there. While you learn, enjoy the exploration.

Join us as we educate and take in the clear blue waters of Cancun. We look forward to joining you this fall.


The 2016 Everest Experience
Spring 2016

The Wilderness Medical Society and our prestigious Nepal partner, Peak Promotion, invite you to join us for the ultimate CME adventure during the April-May 2016 climbing season. Together, we are able to offer you a well-priced, educational, all encompassing Khumbu Valley-Everest experience!

One goal we are hoping to achieve is a “clean-up”/environmental aspect to these climbs, consistent the Wilderness Medical Society vision. Our plan is to bring down 2 tons of trash from the Everest camps. It will require additional Sherpa support plus the transport of the trash off the mountain and down to Namche Bazaar and Kathmandu. It will require about $20,000-$30,000 US. This will not be added to any climber/trekker costs, but hopefully donated or obtained from fund-raising activities.

Note: Due to infrastructure concerns caused by the earthquakes in Nepal, this event is on hold until a final decision is reached this fall. However, we have decided to cancel to Summit bid, as well as the Peaky Peak adventure. Our hearts go out to all those affected by the quakes in Nepal.


Save the dates for these upcoming WMS conferences & events:

MedSail 2016
British Virgin Islands
January 24 - 30, 2016

Wilderness and Mountain Medicine
Park City, Utah
February 18 - 24, 2016

World Congress of Wilderness Medicine
(in partnership with International Society of Mountain Medicine)
Telluride, Colorado
July 31 - August 4, 2016


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