Footprints for Kids

How to motivate kids to enjoy, learn from, and really appreciate outdoor experiences so they grow up respecting and hopefully becoming stewards of our increasingly fragile Earth. Tips and tools for keeping safe out there are also discussed. Submissions are encouraged.

Children in the Wilderness

Alberto S. Carranza MD, FAAP
October 13, 2020

Tips for a successful outdoor adventure w/ kids

Footprints for Kids: Bunny Pasta and Hot Chocolate

Aaron Brillhart, MD, FACEP, FAWM
August 14, 2015

I used to think getting kids out in the mountains was all about how much hot chocolate you fed them. Now I know bunny pasta works, too...

Footprints for Kids: Warm Weather Family Travel

Sam Schimelpfenig MD, FAAP
July 4, 2015

Heading to warmer climates for brief respite from the winter weather? I offer a few tips to make the experience the enjoyable one that everyone is hoping for...

Footprints for Kids

Debra Stoner, MD, FAWM
September 23, 2014

Home on the Trail: Extended Wilderness Travel with Kids

Treasure the Skills: Geocaching

Debra Stoner, MD, FAWM
July 30, 2013

Why Johnny Can't Run: Resistance Training for Kids

Debra Stoner, MD, FAWMJanet Peterson, DrPH, FACSM
January 2, 2013