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We invite you to join us this fall at Longleaf Farm near Deer Park, Alabama for a wilderness medicine conference in the actual wilderness! Spend a long weekend camping, hiking, and stargazing while practicing backcountry skills and discussing cutting edge topics with leaders in wilderness medicine, conservation, and wildlife biology. 

The WMS environmental council, in conjunction with the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, is hosting our first interdisciplinary conference focusing on the interconnectedness of human health and the environment. In the face of increasing globalization and mobility of human populations, and in light of accelerating changes to our climate, recognizing and modifying our impact on the Earth’s delicate ecosystem is a universal imperative. This conference is a first step toward bringing together conservationists, scientists, and healthcare providers with a focus on both adapting to these changes and augmenting our impact for the future of the planet. The symposium’s rich curriculum will incorporate topics on climate change, environmental and clean energy innovations, disaster medicine, wildlife ecology, and of course wilderness medicine! If weather permits, we will host a controlled burn to demonstrate potential solutions to western wildfires and the value of fire to ecosystems and endangered species. 

This innovative three-day weekend event will be based at Longleaf Farm, a 340-acre natural growth Certified Treasure Forest with a rich natural ecosystem, a 4.5-acre lake, and several artesian springs. It is home to the endangered Gopher tortoise, whose habitat management is an encouraging example of public-private collaboration. There are no utilities on the property and we will be spending the weekend camping and reconnecting with nature with a focus on “off the grid” living and leave-no-trace principles. This conference is intentionally low-impact on both the environment and your wallet so that anyone interested can attend. Bring your passion and your sleeping bag, and join us in Alabama in November! 

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