The Fellowship program (Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine™ or FAWM) offers a means to identify those who have fulfilled a demanding set of requirements validating their training and experience in Wilderness Medicine. Society members enroll in the Academy and, by completing lessons from a pre-established Wilderness Medicine curriculum as well as receiving credit for specific identifiable experience, accumulate credit toward becoming a Fellow. Any current member of the Wilderness Medical Society who successfully completes the requirements will have the distinction of being a registered member of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine and entitled to use the designation Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) and may reference it on resumes, business cards, and advertisements.

The program is designed to provide a combination of learning and demonstration of the advanced practice of Wilderness Medicine through experience, teaching, scholarly activity, and leadership. A broad understanding of wilderness medicine is required therefore candidates are expected to obtain required and elective credits in each of the broader subject areas.


WMS FAWM Brochure

How it Works

First, you must be an active Member of the WMS (Student and Friend Members are not eligible). Then, to begin your candidacy toward Fellowship, click on the button in the upper right entitled "Become a FAWM Candidate". This will take you to the Trading Post where you can pay the $225 Fawm Candidacy Fee. Once you're a candidate, you can begin claiming and accumulating credits.

To complete the program and become a Fellow in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, a candidate must accumulate a minimum of 100 total credits according to the following table through participation in eligible, credit-scored activities and accumulation of relevant experience:

Core Credits
Experience Report

* A maximum of 28 Non-WMS Core Credits may be claimed. All other Core Credits must be obtained directly from WMS activities such asWMS Conferences, Online Lectures and Journal Articles.

Candidates must complete a minimum of 55 to a maximum of 70 credits from the list of "required" topics and earn a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 credits from the "elective" topics. To reward candidates credit for Wilderness Medical Experience other than attendance at reviewed events, completion of the Experience Report provides up to 40 credits. Each candidate must accumulate at least 20 credits from the Experience Report. The report reflects the candidate's experience in the following categories:

  1. Professional Certification, Education, and Training
  2. Military Training
  3. Wilderness Medicine Related Publishing and Research
  4. Wilderness Medicine Related Editorial Responsibilities
  5. Wilderness Medicine Related Teaching and Mentoring
  6. Public Service in Wilderness-centric Medical Services and Deployments
  7. Wilderness Medicine Related Awards
  8. Service to WMS

Accumulating Credits (see Credits tab above)

Accounting for a candidate's accumulating credits is accomplished according to the following repeating sequence:

  1. Verification by WMS of the candidate's attendance at an approved, scored activity (see Eligible Activities tab above).
  2. Online designation of attended sessions related to each activity by the candidate.
  3. Online completion and editing of Experience Report information by the candidate.
  4. Review of Fellow Status Reports by WMS (see Summary and Detail tabs above).


In addition to accumulating the necessary credits, awarding of the Fellowship requires:

  1. Completion of an initial qualifying, credentialing, or vocational degree-producing program in any recognized medical discipline or vocation (MD, DO, PA, RN, EMT, Pharm. D, RD, PT, Affiliate degree).  Others may be considered on an individual basis.
  2. Completion of at least one year of professional practice in their medical vocation or discipline after completion of an initial qualifying program or school.

Candidates in Student and Friend membership categories are not eligible to receive their FAWM (though Student members can begin accumulating credits).

Download these documents and follow instructions (please do not submit these until you are a WMS Member and have paid your FAWM candidacy fee):

Required Paperwork


Fellow Advancement Recognition (FAR)

Fellows in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine are encouraged to advance their FAWM status. In addition to offering the Master Fellow program, the WMS recognizes the continued accumulation of core and elective credits after a member has become a Fellow. Awards will be presented to those Fellows who have been awarded the required levels of post-FAWM credtis as displayed below. The Credit Status report can be used to display your current credit summary.

AWARD Post-FAWM Credits
Matterhorn 150
Denali 300
Everest 600