Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital Project

This project is a result of a commitment to a long-standing vision by Wongchhu Sherpa, who has taken his Everest summits and business successes to give back to his boyhood village by developing roads, water projects, and a school. When asked what he further wished to accomplish, he stated that he wishes to bring better access and quality of healthcare to his local village and lower Solukhumbu region. This project is derived from that wish.

Two organizations currently spearhead this project. Wongchhu Peak Promotion (Lakpa Sherpa, managing director) is coordinating the local and national efforts in Nepal. From the USA, HRA-USA (Everest ER), led by Drs. Luanne Freer and Eric Johnson are joined by Dr. Paul Auerbach from Stanford University to work on project planning and international coordination. The WMS is coordinating the US-based fundraising efforts and organizes treks to Nepal, the proceeds of which are donated to the hospital.


Paul Auerbach Memorial Fund



Paul Auerbach, MD, often regarded as the “father of wilderness medicine,” was a Co-Founder of the WMS and a Past President. He was passionate about service, adventure and teaching. He became fast friends with Wongchhu Sherpa during visits to Nepal and promised Wongchhu before he passed that he would help bring quality healthcare to the lower Solukhumbu region. Paul led many successful fundraising efforts through the WMS for the hospital and invested much of his time and personal finances to get it up and running. Your donation will ensure that the legacy of these two incredible men carries on for generations to come.

June, 2021 Update:

This brief 3½ minute video shows the progress that has been made as of June, 2021. The Khamding Health post has been relocated to the WSMH building as an initial public-private partnership with the Nepali government. Some basic medical equipment has been purchased thanks to funds recently sent by the WMS and other generous donors. We appreciate your continued support in order to purchase the remaining equipment and pay for operating costs.  COVID permitting, plans are underway to inaugurate the hospital in October, 2021.


Here is a fantastic and compelling 19-minute video which shares more about the desperate need for the WMSH in the Solukhumbu area of Nepal, and the tremendous progress that has been made with the hospital building to date. Join the WMS in supporting this worthy effort. Donate today.   MAKE A DONATION



WSMH Working Group

The Wilderness Medical Society will serve as the US based nonprofit coordinating finances and organization. The steering committee for this meaningful project is comprised of:

Eric Johnson, Chair, MD, FAWM
Past-President, Wilderness Medical Society; Medical Director, Teton Co. Fire; Medical Director, Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine, Deaconess Health, Bozeman, MT.; Medical Consultant, Global Rescue, LLC; Frequent volunteer for the Himalayan Rescue Association clinics and Everest ER. NAUI instructor #22649 (ret)


Luanne Freer, MD, FACEP, FAWM
Past President, Wilderness Medical Society; Medical Director, Yellowstone National Park; Founder/Director, Everest ER, Nepal.



Lakpa Sherpa
Project Director, Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital; Chair, Himalayan Yokpu Foundation; Chair, Wongchhu Peak Promotion Pvt. Ltd. Lakpa is the youngest daughter of Late Mr. Wongchhu Sherpa.  Lakpa has been actively involved in the travel and tourism industry as well as social work for more than 8 years. She has dedicated herself to promoting & uplifting the entire Himalayan region of Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan onto the international tourism stage.

Renita Fonseca, CAE, CMP
CEO, Wilderness Medical Society





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