Wilderness Medicine Clinical Case Discussion: 
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Wilderness Medicine Clinical Case Discussion: Submit a wilderness medicine case for consideration in this series. The case should be written in a roundtable format. The first author should provide initial and ongoing narrative details of the case. After an initial narrative introduction, the dialogue should continue in a question-and-answer style. Questions should function as prompts to provide a brief literature review of the topic relevant to the case. The case should be described in this manner through to its ultimate outcome. The goal is to highlight the work done by individuals pursuing wilderness medicine training in addition to providing mini-reviews of relevant topics. Preferred 2000-word maximum.


First author should be the main “speaker” in the dialogue. Other speakers can be individuals from the author’s wilderness medicine training program or experts in the field. If consultants from other fields are involved in the case, relevant expert commentary is highly encouraged.
The other speakers can provide both literature review commentary and question prompts. The main speaker should only provide narrative details. There is no abstract or introduction, as the main speaker introduces the case or problem in 1-2 paragraphs. Other speakers should ask questions to move the narrative along or provide more depth to the case, e.g. “did the patient exhibit other associated symptoms? Was the patient able to perform a physical exam at the trail side?”
Mini-reviews should be 2-3 paragraphs and focus on the specific problem relevant to the case as well as any interesting secondary problems. This is an opportunity to succinctly review the most up-to-date literature on bread-and-butter or esoteric wilderness medicine topics. Figures or images are encouraged.
The piece should end with a 1-paragraph concluding summary.
Required elements: Author contributions, Financial/Material Support, Disclosures, References.


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All submissions must adhere to the journal policies outlined in the WEM guide for authors

Please contact WEM managing editor Alicia Byrne ([email protected]) with questions.