Teaching Resources

The WMS believe in education - seeking knowledge and paying it forward. One way that you can share what you have learned with others is through WMS teaching resources. Whether you're reaching out to the community to enhance their awareness or preparedness, seeking case-based vignettes to be implemented in the field with students, or looking for assistance with teaching a particular wilderness medicine topic to a group of peers, explore the options below to find the solution that best meets your needs. Each of these are offered to Standard and Premium members at a discount or for free - learn more here

For the Community

One of the fundamental philosophies of the WMS is promotion of wilderness medicine education in the community. The WMS Education Library includes a collection of formal PowerPoint presentations on a variety of common wilderness medicine related topics. These presentations are designed for use by WMS members to assist in reaching out to the community to enhance their awareness and preparedness.

For Students

While classroom lectures can be very informative, there is no substitute for "hands-on" educational opportunities. The WMS teaching scenarios for students and residents are case-based vignettes (PowerPoint presentations), designed to be implemented in the field to create a realistic and interactive learning experience. Each scenario presents a clinical problem and outlines the expected assessment, management and disposition pathway possibilities. After conducting the exercise in a realistic environment, these cases may then be discussed to enhance lessons learned and provide focus for further training and instruction. 

Additional teaching resources are available for our Student Interest Groups

For Healthcare Professionals

The WMS has developed a series of PowerPoint presentations to help physicians and allied healthcare professionals teach topics in wilderness medicine (formerly known as the Education Presentation Series). Each lecture contains more than seventy images and is accompanied by an explanatory text and study guide. Topics were developed by members of the Wilderness Medical Society who are experts in their field. These lectures are suited for a broad range of audiences, including physicians, residents, and medical students. The series is also instructive for pre hospital personnel, emergency medical technicians, Wilderness First Responders, and others responsible for teaching wilderness medicine topics.