Wongchhu Sherpa Memorial Hospital Project

The WSMH project is a result of a commitment to a long-standing vision by the late Wongchhu Sherpa to give back to his boyhood village in Nepal after achieving success with his tourism business. After spearheading the development of roads, hydro-power projects, water projects, and a school in his local community, when asked what else he wanted to accomplish before passing away on December 30, 2015, he stated his wish to bring better access and quality healthcare to his Chyangba village and lower Solukhumbu region – a community of approximately 30,000 people. This project is derived from his family and many friends at the WMS, Everest ER, and others wanting to fulfil that wish.

Several organizations are working together to make this project a reality. Lakpa Sherpa, daughter of Wongchhu, and Managing Director of Wongchhu Peak Promotion, coordinates local and national efforts in Nepal via the non-profit Himalayan Yokpu Foundation (HYF). From the USA, Drs. Luanne Freer and Eric Johnson (of Everest ER) liaise with HYF to work on project planning and international fundraising. The late Dr. Paul Auerbach was also instrumental in supporting the project until his passing in the summer. The Wilderness Medical Society is the primary US-based non-profit organization that supports the international fundraising for the WSMH Tapting. It also supports the project via treks to Everest Base Camp and the hospital site in Nepal, the proceeds of which are donated to the hospital. Musa Masala is a non-profit organization that donates the proceeds of a book by the same name to the hospital.


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Dr. Auerbach in Nepal with a friend      Dr. Auerbach in Nepal with a friend

Paul Auerbach, MD, often regarded as the “father of wilderness medicine,” was a Co-Founder of the WMS and a Past President who was passionate about service, adventure and teaching. He became fast friends with Wongchhu Sherpa during visits to Nepal and promised Wongchhu before he passed that he would help bring quality healthcare to the lower Solukhumbu region. Paul led many successful fundraising efforts through the WMS for the hospital and invested much of his time and personal finances to get it up and running. Your donation will ensure that the legacy of these two incredible men carries on for generations to come.

October 2022 Update:

Check out this post from Musa Masala describing the inauguration of the hospital!

June 2022 Update:

This brief 10 minute video shows the progress that has been made as of June 2022. The Khamding Health post has been relocated to the WSMH building as an initial public-private partnership with the Nepali government. Some basic medical equipment has been purchased thanks to funds recently sent by the WMS and other generous donors. We appreciate your continued support in order to purchase the remaining equipment and pay for operating costs. 

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