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The WMS affiliates with organizations that have the ability to advance the mission of the WMS. These are not formal endorsements, but rather an indication of a shared commitment to supporting the membership of the WMS and/or offering wilderness medicine education opportunities. You are encouraged to complete your own due diligence and research to determine whether the products, services, or courses offered by these affiliates are appropriate for your needs and lifestyle.

All courses and content offered by Affiliates should maintain the highest level of quality. The Wilderness Medicine Education Collaborative (WMEC) provides open source, experience and literature-based guidelines for certificate-producing wilderness medical training courses based on expert consensus. The WMS therefore recommends Affiliates utilize the relevant WMEC Certification Standards for certification-granting courses (example WFA, WAFA, WFR).  The WMS requires that its Affiliates' certification courses include some hands-on instruction and an in-person, real-time validation of skills. 

The Annual Affiliates listed below have the opportunity to list their events on the WMS Community Events Calendar which is available online and printed quarterly in the Wilderness & Environmental Medicine journal, and receive several other benefits as well. Click here to learn more about benefits of being a WMS Affiliate; to join our Affiliate program now, click here. Please note that at least one representative from your organization must maintain an active WMS membership to participate in our Affiliate program.

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