WMS Recognition Awards


Congratulations to the below WMS award recipients who have made significant contributions to our industry, our association, their place of work, and in their communities.

Award nominations are accepted January through mid-March each year and winners are selected by the WMS Board of Directors Nominating Committee.

Founders Award
Given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the principles and objectives of Wilderness Medicine as envisioned by the Society's founders.

2022 Scott McIntosh, MD, MPH, FAWM, DiMM
2021      Arthur (Tony) Islas, MD
2020      Robert Quinn, MD
2019      Michael Caudell, MD
2018      Andrew Luks, MD
2017      Jay Lemery, MD
2016      Linda Keyes, MD
2015      Peter Kummerfeldt
2014      Michael E. Jacobs, MD
2013      Tom Deloughery, MD
2012      Ken Zafren, MD
2011      Robert L. Norris, MD
2010      Thomas M. Kessler MD
2009      Eric L. Johnson, MD
2008      Bruce Paton, MD
2007      Luanne Freer, MD
2006      James R. Liffrig, MD
2005      Howard D. Backer, MD
2004      William W. Forgey, MD
2003      Blair D. Erb, MD
2002      William Robinson, MD
2001      Paul S. Auerbach, MD; Murray P. Hamlet, DVM
2000      Edward Geehr, MD; Charles S. Houston, MD
1999      Joseph Serra, MD
1998      Kenneth Kizer, MD
1997      Peter Hackett, MD
1996      Robert Schoene, MD
1995      Herbert Hultgren, MD
1994      Warren Bowman, MD

Paul S. Auerbach Award

Given to a physician or PhD in recognition of sustained significant clinical or service contribution to Wilderness Medicine and/or scientific achievement in Wilderness Medicine in combination with service to the Society.

2022 Susanne Spano, MD, FACEP, FAWM
2021      Brad Bennett, PhD
2020      Michael Caudell, MD
2019      Ian Wedmore, MD
2018      Linda Keyes MD
2017      Elisabeth Edelstein, MD
2016      Hermann Brugger, MD
2015      Kenneth Iserson, MD
2014      Thomas M. Kessler, MD
2013      Lynn Yonge, MD
2012      David Shlim, MD
2011      Eric L. Johnson, MD
2010      Frank K. Butler, Jr, Capt., MC/USN
2009      Edward (Mel) Otten, MD
2008      Howard Backer, MD
2007      Luanne Freer, MD
2006      Robert B. Schoene, MD
2005      Gordon G. Giesbrecht, PhD
2004      Colin Grissom, MD
2003      Bruce Paton, MD
2002      Peter Hackett, MD
2001      Warren D. Bowman, MD
2000      James Wilkerson III, MD


WMS Ice Axe Award (formerly Ball Watch USA Award)
The Wilderness Medical Society Ice Axe Award honors an individual with a distinguished record of public service in wilderness medicine who is also a strong advocate of the Wilderness Medical Society and outdoor health and safety. His or her accomplishments may be in clinical practice, teaching, exploration, the arts or research.

2022 Taylor Haston, DO, FACEP, DiMM, MPH, MS
2021      Sarah M. Schlein, MD
2020      Neal Pollock, PhD
2019      Hill McBrayer, MD
2018      Darryl Macias, MD
2017      Will R. Smith, MD
2016      Geoffrey Tabin, MD
2015      Rachel Tullet, MD; Megan Walmsley, MD
2014      Christopher Van Tilburg, MD
2013      Elizabeth Edelstein, MD
2012      Andrew Luks, MD
2010      Jay Lemery, MD
2009      Seth C. Hawkins, MD
2008      Luanne Freer, MD


Dian Simpkins Service Award
Given in recognition of outstanding service to the function and operation of the Society.

2022 Arun Ganti, MD, MPHS, FAWM, DiMM
2021      Graham Brant-Zawadzki, MD
2020      Andy Rich, FAWM
2019      Lawrence LeBlond, MD
2018      Terri Monturano
2017      Stephanie Lareau, MD
2016      Alicia Byrne
2015      Todd Miner, Ed.D
2014      Debra Stoner, MD
2013      Emily Sagalyn, MD, MPH
2012      Michael Caudell, MD
2011      Reuben (Hill) McBrayer, MD
2010      Teri Howell
2009      Jim Ingwersen, MS
2008      James Wilkerson III, MD
2007      Christopher Van Tilburg, MD
2006      Jonna Barry
2005      Tom Kessler, MD
2004      Ken Zafren, MD
2003      Oswald Oelz, MD
2002      Matthew Russell, MD
2001      Benjamin I. Rosner, PhD
2000      James Bagian, MD and Eric Johnson, MD
1999      William A. Robinson, MD
1998      Howard D. Backer, MD
1997      Dian Simpkins
1996      Edward Geehr, MD
1995      Blair Erb, MD
1994      Bruce Paton, MD

Education Award
Given in recognition of outstanding contributions in education to students, members, or the public in the field of Wilderness Medicine.

2022 Lara Phillips, MD, FAWM; Josh Rudner, DO, DiMM
2021      Christanne Coffey, MD
2020      Stephanie Lareau, MD
2019      Seth Hawkins, MD
2018      Frank Hubbell, DO
2017      Laura McGladrey, RN
2016      Erin Meyer, MD
2015      Daniel DeKay, RN
2014      Kenneth Iserson, MD
2013      James Shuler, DO
2012      Linda Keyes, MD
2011      Elisabeth Edelstein, MD
2010      Debra Stoner, MD
2009      Brad L. Bennett, MD
2008      Thomas Kessler, MD
2007      Peter Kummerfeldt
2005      Robert L. Norris, MD
2004      Rob Hilvers, MD
2003      Ken Zafren, MD
2002      James Liffrig, MD
2001      James A. Litch, MD
2000      Edward Otten, MD
1999      Karl Neumann, MD
1998      Phillip Bertram, MD and Steve Donelan
1997      William Forgey, MD
1996      Paul S. Auerbach, MD
1995      Howard Donner, MD
1994      Doug Gentile, MD

Research Award

Given in recognition of outstanding research pertinent to the field of Wilderness Medicine.

2022 Giacomo Strapazzon, MD, PhD, DiMM
2021      Tamara Hew-Butler DPM
2020      Beth Beidleman, Sc.D.
2019      Marc Berger, MD
2018      Peter Bartsch, MD
2017      Emmanuel Cauchy
2016      Michael Yaron, MD
2015      Leslie Boyer, MD
2014      Jeffrey H. Gertsch, MD
2013      Grant Lipman, MD
2012      Hermann Brugger, MD
2011      Scott McIntosh, MD, MPH
2010      Thomas Deloughery, MD
2009      Buddha Basnyat, MD
2008      Mary Ann Cooper, MD
2007      Robert L. Norris, MD; Ian Simpson, MD
2005      Sean P. Bush, MD
2004      Robert B. Schoene, MD
2003      Erik Swenson, MD
2002      Colin Grissom, MD
2001      Ellen L. Glickman, PhD
2000      Robert Roach, PhD
1999      Gordon G. Giesbrecht, PhD
1998      Benjamin Levine, MD
1997      Wayne Askew, PhD
1996      David Shlim, MD
1995      Murray P. Hamlet, DVM
1994      Peter Hackett, MD


Warren D. Bowman Award

Given to an Associate Member or an allied health professional for outstanding contributions in support services for Wilderness Medicine.

2022 Simon Ruparelia
2021    Kerryn Wratt, FAWM
2020      Corey Winstead, W/AEMT
2019      Linda Lee, RN
2018      Debbie Simon, RN
2017      J. Pearce Beissinger, FAWM, MS, PA-C
2016      Gates Richards, WEMT-I
2015      Linda Laskowski-Jones, RN
2014      R. Bryan Simon, RN
2013      Dave Weber, NREMT-P
2012      Todd Miner, PhD
2011      Gordon H. Worley, RN
2010      C. Denise Edwards, Lt. Col.USAF
2009      Charles Shimanski
2008      Tod D. Schimelpfenig, EMT
2007      Sara Squyres, PA-C
2005      Sheryl Olsen, RN
2004      Peter Kummerfeldt
2003      George Rodway, PhD
2002      Linda B. Lindsey, RN
2001      Tod D. Schimelpfenig, EMT
2000      Buck Tilton


Ascent Award
Given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Wilderness Medical Society or the field of wilderness medicine to an individual with no greater than five years’ membership in the WMS.

2022 Shilpi Ganguly, MS
2021      Justin Gardner, DO, FAWM

Blair Erb World Congress International Award

2016      Peter Bartsch, MD
2012      Buddha Basnyat, MD; Gordon Giesbrecht, PhD; David Warrell, DM
2007      Jim Milledge, MD and Robert B. Schoene, MD
2003      Urs Wiget, MD and Peter Hackett, MD
1999      Bruno Durrer, MD
1995      Franz Berghold, MD

Wilderness & Environmental Medicine Recognition Awards
Given in recognition of important contributions to the journal.

2022 WEM Outstanding Contributor: Neal Pollock, PhD; Excellence in Peer Reviews: Marc Cassone, DO, FAWM, W-EMT, DiMM; Jennifer Dow, MD, FACEP, DiMM, FAWM; Daniel Keyler, Pharm.D., FAACT; Ziva Petrin, MD; David A. Warrell, KCMG, DM, DSc, FRCP, FMedSci
2021      Excellence in Peer Reviews: Al M Best, PhD; Kirsten Coffman, PhD; Susan (Sue) Hopkins, MD; Roy M. Salgado, PhD
2020      Excellence in Peer Reviews: LTC David DeGroot, PhD, Stephanie Lareau, MD, Lara Phillips, MD
2019      Excellence in Peer Reviews: Aaron Brillhart, MD; Bryan Jarrett, MD; David Rust, MD; Susanne J Spano, MD
2018      Excellence in Peer Reviews: Robert Norris, MD; Steven Roy MD; Bryan Wilson MD
2017      Excellence in Peer Reviews: Christopher Tedeschi, MD; Will R. Smith, MD; James H. Diaz, MD; James Lieberman, MD
2016      Excellence in Peer Reviews: Cedric Yoshimoto, MD; Lori Weichenthal, MD; John Anderson, MD
2015     Excellence in Peer Reviews: Kurt Eifling, MD; Jeremy Joslin, MD; Susanne J Spano, MD; Nicholas Kanaan, MD; Wayne Askew, PhD; John Saucier, MD
2014      Outstanding Contributor: Luanne Freer, MD
                Excellence in Peer Reviews: Tod Schimelpfenig, WEMT; Albert R. “AJ” Wheeler, MD; Aaron D. Campbell, MD; David Hillebrandt, MBBS
2013      Excellence in Peer Reviews: Ola Dunin-Bell, MD; Joseph Forrester, MD; Matthew Muller, PhD; Matiram Pun, MBBS
2012      Excellence in Peer Reviews: Edward J. “Mel” Otten, MD; Vidal Haddad, Jr., MD; Michael Cardwell, BS; Thomas Welch, MD
2011     Outstanding Contributor: James A. Wilkerson, MD
                Excellence in Peer Reviews: Howard Backer, MD; Colin K. Grissom, MD; Scott A. Weinstein, MD
2010      Excellence in Peer Reviews: Linda Keyes, MD; Neal Pollock, PhD; George Rodway, PhD; Jeremy Windsor, MB ChB; Ken Zafren, MD


Special Recognition Awards

2022 Special Recognition: Jim Ingwersen; Special Lifetime Contributor: Peter Hackett, MD


Outstanding Research Presentations
Given in recognition of the best research abstracts in the field of Wilderness Medicine.

Outstanding Research Presentation (Oral): Scott Rupp – Mechanical vs Manual CPR for Out of Hospital Non-Shockable Cardiac Arrest in Austere Environments: Pilot Study
Outstanding Research Presentation (Oral) by a Researcher-in-Training: William Mundo – Burnout & Stress Injuries among Backcountry Search and Rescue: A Cross-Sectional Analysis
Outstanding Research Poster: Nat Mann – Outcomes of Four Vial vs Five or Six Vial Dosing of Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab for Initial Control of Crotalid Envenomations in Upstate South Carolina

Outstanding Research Presentation (Oral): Amy Briggs – A novel application of a computer vision model to measure social distancing practices among visitors to Yosemite National Park
Outstanding Research Presentation (Oral) by a Researcher-in-Training: Chance Sullivan – Injury and Illness in Youth Wilderness Expeditions
Outstanding Research Poster: Abby Ritter – Expanding the Utility of Wilderness Solar Water Disinfection: Evaluating Temperate Climates and Colored Water Containersesearch Poster: Abby Ritter – Expanding the Utility of Wilderness Solar Water Disinfection: Evaluating Temperate Climates and Colored Water Containers

Outstanding Research Presentation (Oral): Larissa Schäfer -  Acetazolamide cannot be recommended for HAPE prevention after rapid and active ascent to 4,559 m
Outstanding Research Presentation (Oral) by a Researcher-in-Training: Taylor Docter  - Comparison of Radiographic, Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Detection of Retained Stingray Foreign Body
Outstanding Research Poster: Jake McRae – Utilizing Drones in Search and Rescue Operations to Deliver Water to Dehydrated Victims Stranded in Remote Areas

Outstanding Research Presentation (Oral): Anne Walker - Novel Day of Ascent Dosing of Acetazolamide for Prevention of Acute Mountain Sickness
Outstanding Research Presentation (Oral) by a Researcher-in-Training: Brendan Milliner - Effect of Calcium-Channel Blockade on the Cold-Induced Vasodilation Response
Outstanding Research Poster: Yevgeniy Maksimenko - Drowning Injuries in the United States: Patient Characteristics and Complications in Hospitalized Patients Nationwide

Outstanding Research Presentation (Oral): Ross Hofmeyr - Influence of Altitude on Performance of the Methoxyflurane Inhalational Analgesic Device: A Hypobaric Laboratory Assessment
Outstanding Research Presentation (Oral) by a Researcher-in-Training: Patrick Burns - Acute Mountain Sickness Prevention With Ibuprofen Relative to Acetazolamide
Outstanding Research Poster: Gordon Paterson - Hypoxia Modulates Platelet Purinergic Signaling Pathways
Outstanding Research Poster: Alana Hawley - Rock Climber Rescue Skills

Outstanding Research Presentation (Oral): James Lang - Oral L-Tyrosine Supplementation Improved Core Temperature Maintenance to Whole-Body Cold Exposure in Older Adults.
Outstanding Research Poster: Juan Campodonico Rios - Voluntary Ventilatory Response v/s Acetazolamide in Acute Mountain Sickness. Preliminary findings of RCT

Outstanding Research Presentation (Oral): Justin Lawley - Direct Measurement of Intracranial Pressure in Hypobaric Hypoxia: Implications for Acute Mountain Sickness