Conference Scholarships

This scholarship exists to help ease the financial burden of attending the bi-annual WMS conferences, for those currently in-training. This scholarship is intended for WMS members who are currently in training (ie: students in healthcare fields, ACP fellows, or resident physicians). Conferences provide many valuable educational and networking opportunities. Attending a conference can significantly impact the future career of our members in-training. Please read these testimonials written by winners of the Winter 2022 and Summer 2022 Conference Scholarships. 

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Scholarship Recipient Testimonial

"Thank you for providing $200.00 in funds to assist me in attending the Wilderness Medicine Society Park City, UT Conference in February of 2019. I had a most enjoyable time, learned a lot, and made valuable progress toward my FAWM. I look forward to my involved, future participation with the WMS and getting to now you all better. Thanks again!"