Medical Professional Liability Insurance for WMS Members

The Medical Professional Liability Insurance benefit is designed to cover your activities outside the scope of your normal practice. Many of you offer your services, either providing direct medical care (eg at local running races), or through providing medical director or advisory services to local or regional organizations. Frequently, personal work medical malpractice insurance offers no reserve should we encounter an unpleasant legal situation.  This product is targeted exactly toward that deficit. It includes full coverage up to $50,000 for lawsuits filed in the United States.

WMS Premium members receive a FREE Medical Professional Liability policy with ZERO deductible.  This policy is aimed at those WMS members, verifiably in good standing, who are NOT providing 24hr EMS services. 

In the event you need (or will potentially need) to file a claim on this policy, you should do so immediately using the contact information on your Certificate of Liability insurance. For more information, visit the FAQ page or contact our agent for more information:

Tom James
EMS Medical Directors Insurance Program Director
866-577-7833  505-899-2068
Fax 505-217-0570

We see this product as an important step in providing additional support for WMS members bringing their wilderness knowledge back to their local and regional communities. 
Policy Documents
(Adobe PDF File)