2024 DiMM Rock Session 2 (DiMM Candidates Only)

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2024 DiMM Rock Session

Course Description

*Open to all candidates who have completed at least one pre-conference. Spaces are still available. Email [email protected] if you have completed one pre-conference and need help registering.*

The Rock Skills and Rescue session of the Diploma in Mountain Medicine will be taught by Remote Rescue Training, a division of the Center for Emergency Programs at the University of Utah. The course will take place in the rugged Wasatch Mountain Range in Utah and is designed specifically for doctors, nurses and paramedics pursuing their WMS Diploma in Mountain Medicine. The unique challenges for rescuers responding in rocky technical terrain will be thoroughly covered during our intensive, field-based curriculum. Individual on-rope skills will assist rescuers in designing and using personal safety systems for access and egress. Team rescue skills include single and double rope systems, managing patients with and without litters and varied systems to address challenges ranging from low-angle to vertical terrain. Rope system principles will be integrated throughout the curriculum, which will provide tools to assess safety and allow participants to adapt to new environments methodically.  The role of medical personnel in mountain rescue will be a consistent underlying theme: directing patient care, assisting in technical rescue, and leading the integration of both into one coordinated effort. The skills mastered during this course can easily be transferred to similar environments the world over.  

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9/3/2024 6:00 PM - 9/10/2024 8:00 AM
Mountain Daylight Time
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