Research Grants

The Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) is keenly interested in fostering awareness and appreciation among healthcare professionals and scientists for the research of health-related concerns in outdoor and wilderness activities.  

Criteria: The successful applicant will submit a project proposal likely to result in a substantive contribution to the field of wilderness and environmental medicine. The successful applicant will be expected to conduct a well-defined project during the ensuing year and present an abstract of his/her findings at a future WMS Annual Meeting, as well as submit a paper for consideration for publication in the official journal of the WMS, Wilderness & Environmental Medicine (WEM).  

A wide variety of research projects are acceptable for submission, including but not limited to:

  1. clinical investigation
  2. laboratory (“basic”) science
  3. development of new techniques or novel application of existing techniques
  4. improvements in equipment design or use
  5. public health and information
  6. injury prevention
  7. epidemiological surveys
  8. disease tracking
  9. use of GIS
  10. new technology in humanitarian response

Projects may be part of existing research programs, but should be easily distinguishable as a separate component.

WMS Research Grants are not subject to institutional indirect costs.

We are pleased to offer the following grants this year to qualified researchers:

Charles S. Houston Grant is for medical students. $5000

Research-in-Training Grant is for residents and fellows of an accredited graduate medical education program or doctoral candidates working towards a PhD.  $5000

Herbert N. Hultgren Grant is for members of the WMS. $10,000

Peter Hackett-Paul Auerbach Young Investigator Grant is for a young investigator (physician or non-physician who is either a resident, fellow, or less than 5 years out of training) in support of research that improves wilderness medicine practice.  $10,000

WMS Adventure Travel Research Grant is for an investigator in support of field research associated with the WMS Adventure Travel Experiences (current listing at $5000

All grants will be reviewed by the Research and Grants Committee of the WMS and subject to external IRB approval.  Final recommendations will be subject to approval by the Executive Committee.  The Research and Grants Committee is supported by committee members selected from the general membership of the Wilderness Medical Society.

The WMS Research Grant program is dependent on the generous donations of WMS members. Please take a moment to make a donation. Thank you.

Application: Please submit this application to apply for any of the above grants.
Note: Applicants can only apply for one grant category.


Alicia Byrne, WEM Managing Editor,