Who? What? When? Where? Why?

View introductory videos from our Board Members & CEO:

Jay Lemery-President Tony Islas, Past-President Chris McStay
Loren Greenway, CEO Colin Grissom, Former Board Member and President

Since 1983, when three young physicians conceived the idea for the Wilderness Medical Society, a great deal has been accomplished. Early leaders identified areas of interest that have since become pillars of the curriculum for wilderness medicine education, including CME programs, medical school rotations, outdoor programs and FAWM criteria (see below). In addition to the Society’s annual meeting, it also sponsors topic specific meetings (e.g. Winter Wilderness Medicine and Dive Medicine) and the quadrennial World Congress in Wilderness Medicine.

The written word has been a cornerstone of the WMS since its early history. Today’s publications include, Wilderness Medicine (WM) magazine, Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, the Society’s peer-reviewed journal, Wilderness Medical Society: Practice Guidelines for Emergency Care, and the WMS Educational Lecture Series. The commitment of the WMS to embrace academic excellence and to deliver innovative services to its members shines with the inception and creation of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. In one of the fastest growing segments of membership, Student Interest Groups, lies the hope for the future and sustaining the Society for years to come.

Our new office mailing address and phone numbers:

Wilderness Medical Society
2150 S 1300 E, Suite 500
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